Board Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors governs the Spokane Conservation District (SCD) and establishes the overall direction and priorities for conservation district programs.

Supervisors are local residents who serve voluntarily; local citizens elect three of the members and the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC) appoints the remaining two. While supervisors come from a variety of backgrounds, by law, at least three of the five supervisors must be landowners or farm operators. Each term of office is three years and supervisors are expected to attend 12 regularly scheduled board meetings per year as well as individual committee and special meetings and/or trainings.

During the years when a term expires for a Supervisor, an election is held in early March. All information, including applications for those seeking to run for office, will be posted in-house, online, and in the legal notice section of the local newspaper.

District Supervisors have a unique niche among agencies managing Washington’s natural resources. They serve as the grass roots representative of landowners and the general public in their community, providing leadership and direction to bring volunteer cooperation in natural resource conservation programs. Upon taking the oath of office they agree to carry out the responsibilities of their position with the Washington Conservation District Law (RCW Title 89).

Click here to view the District Supervisor Fact Sheet and WSCC Powers

In addition to District Supervisors, another role on the Board of Supervisors is the Associate Supervisor.  Associate Supervisors are non-voting members, appointed by the board, who also serve voluntarily and attend meetings and trainings, and can serve on various committees as directed by the board. There are no term limits for Associate Supervisors and they can be appointed to the board at any time during the year. An unlimited number of Associate Supervisors can serve on the board. Express your interest in becoming an Associate Supervisor by coming to a monthly board meeting or by contacting the SCD Director, Vicki Carter at

Randy James, Chair 
Elected - term expires 2023
Tom Miller, Vice-Chair 
Appointed - term expires 2023
Jaki Shrauger, Auditor 
Elected - term expires 2025
Gerald (Jerry) Scheele, Member 
Appointed - term expires 2025
Wendy Knopp, Member 
Elected - term expires 2024
Chris Mahelona, Associate Supervisor