Education & Outreach

Providing environmental education for adults and youth is an important part of our mission.

SCD educational programs include hands-on, interactive demonstrations and activities about natural resources and local issues concerning these resources. The lessons are designed by a certified teacher to be grade level appropriate and in line with all state standards. Most lessons will also connect with the science education that students are receiving in their schools. Lessons are provided free of charge to K-12 classrooms; as well as, home-school groups and other organizations that serve the youth (i.e. YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club).

Browse the options for educational presentations and programs or contact Stacey to get scheduled: Stacey Selcho, 509-535-7274 ext 217 or

Other educational opportunities are also available from other SCD staff. If you are interested in a scientist from our water, soils, or forestry departments speaking to your students you can also contact Stacey; she will put you in touch with the appropriate person.