Urban & Community Forestry

An urban forest consists of all the trees in an urban setting; in a yard, along a street or in a park. Trees are often planted in an urban environment to provide beauty and to soften the harsh angles and surfaces of the city. But trees provide much more than aesthetics, they effect the environment by providing shade, softening the wind, cleaning the air and providing wildlife habitat. Trees are used to create privacy screens, to reduce noise, and increase property values.

The keys to a thriving urban forest are proper tree selection and maintenance. Start the process by considering the site where the tree(s) will be planted, noting any possible constraints of the location and the species of tree. The wrong tree in the wrong place can cause damage to sidewalks, become tangled in power lines, and crack sewer pipes, not to mention the tree removal process which can be costly.
For those residing within the city limits, the City of Spokane’s Urban Forestry program is a great resource for many of your urban forestry issues, including
• Permitting & licensing
• Approved trees for right-of-way plantings  
• Planting the right tree in the right place
• Information on proper pruning techniques 
Contact Garth Davis for your urban forestry needs and view our list of Recommended Consultants and Loggers