Shoreline Restoration Program

The Water Resources Department provides technical assistance, information and education, and we implement projects to protect, enhance, and maintain water resources in Spokane County.

Stream-side Living

The stream running through your land is part of a larger system known as a watershed. Every stream, tributary, or river has an associated watershed, and any activity that affects the water quality, water quantity, or movement in one location affects the water downstream. As a stream-side landowner you have a particular responsibility to help maintain and improve the health of streams and stream-side areas.

Save Our Shorelines!

If you own Spokane County shoreline you hold an important responsibility to protect and maintain one of the counties greatest resources… its shorelines! Naturalize your shoreline and enhance it with natural vegetation. Be creative – it’s your chance to make your lake healthier and to make your property a better fit to your lifestyle.  Click here for more info.

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SPokane River Restored Access Points
Placzek Project
Islands Trail Head