Livestock and Land Program

The Livestock and Land Program is designed to help improve your horse or livestock operation with free site assessments and financial assistance. When it comes to livestock and working around your farm or ranch, issues like mud and manure can be a formidable opponent. We offer free, no-obligation site assessments to help you identify improvements to your operation.

The improvements we recommend are called Best Management Practices (BMPs). They focus on mud, manure, chore efficiency, composting paddocks, pasture management, stormwater drainage, erosion, conservation, off-creek watering, heavy use areas, riparian fencing, and roof and gutter systems. By addressing these issues with BMPs, we hope to improve the health of your animals, protect local natural resources, and increase the value of your property.

The Livestock and Land Program offers financial assistance to landowners to complete BMPs.  Get started with a free site assessment by contacting Walt Edelen, at 509-535-7274 or

Healthy Livestock, Healthy Streams

Livestock are an integral part of the agricultural economy and a valued recreational asset. Utilizing some simple management practices can ensure healthy livestock and productive pastureland.
View a pdf with more information about Healthy Livestock Healthy Streams

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