Inland Tree & Landscape Conference

The Inland Tree and Landscape Conference will be held at Spokane Community College on February 7, 2020! Arborists, landscape architects and other green industry professionals will experience a full day of intermediate and advanced workshops.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Ed Gilman, author of
An Illustrated Guide to Pruning

Workshop Topics:  Designing Sites to Fit Desirable Trees, Planting Specifications and Details, Tree Biomechanics: why we should care, Retrenchment, Reduction, Topping: the same difference?

Dr. Gilaman

Dr. Ed Gilman is the author of “An Illustrated Guide to Pruning“, arguably the most complete and accessible reference on tree pruning in our industry. This comprehensive text has helped to inform countless professional arborists and tree surgeons on the best practices of training, trimming and pruning trees.

Dr. Gilman worked and taught at the University of Florida for over 30 years, publishing over 120 scientific papers. As a professor of Urban Trees and Landscape Plants in the Department of Environmental Horticulture, he worked with arborists, consultants, landscape contractors, growers, urban foresters, planners, landscape architects and others engaged in tree selection, growing, planting and management issues. His research included tree pruning, anchorage, roots, irrigation, and fertilization. Professor Gilman also did extensive research into the use of proper training and pruning to help reduce the damage to mature trees in severe wind events, i.e. hurricanes, etc.

He retired from academia in the summer of 2016 but remains actively involved with ISA Florida and with the ANSI Pruning Standards committee. He is particularly interested in the education of commercial arborists.