Outdoor Explorer Packs

Our Outdoor Explorer Packs will provide your kiddos with everything they need to have an engaging, valuable, and fun outdoor learning experience. Each pack was carefully curated to encourage kids grades K-12 to put their learning skills to work and learn more about the natural world around them.

Included in the packs:

  • Activities, tools, and materials that pertain to the packs theme that will promote observation and investigation on the subject.
  • Maps of suggested areas to explore within Spokane County.
  • Citizen Science Connection opportunities.
  • Leave No Trace Principles and a garbage bag to encourage the ethical use of our natural areas.

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Please Note: Households can check out an Outdoor Explorer Pack for FREE for up to two weeks. Registration for each pack is required due to availability. Participants are responsible for any lost or stolen items upon returning the pack.

Click on the titles below to see exactly what’s included in each pack.

Explore Snow Pack

Get outside and explore one thing found outside only at a certain time of the year – snow! Take a closer look at snowflakes, measure snowfall in different places, and investigate water as a solid. This is a good opportunity to discuss climate change with your family and how these investigations change depending on the variations in temperature and moisture in the air.

Explore Trees Pack

Whether it is outside your home, in the nearest park, or someplace a little farther away, this pack includes materials needed to learn more about trees, identify trees in our area, and engage in investigations with trees. Take some time to explore one tree or many trees – they do a lot for our environment and the community.

Explore Rocks & Soil Pack

Eastern Washington has a unique and exciting geological past. We can investigate rocks in the area that are over one billion years old; as well as some newer rock formations from volcanic activity. Take a closer look at surrounding soil composition and identify soil textures from different places.

Explore Water Pack

With 76 lakes and dozens of other seasonal ponds, creeks, and rivers in the Spokane area, there are lots of places to explore water bodies and the small and very important critters that live in these water bodies during part or all of their life cycle. Take a closer look at macroinvertebrates that live in our waterways and can be an indicator of water quality.

Explore Pollinators Pack

Pollinators make so much of our food possible and play a critical role in plant reproduction. Take some time to explore what our local pollinator community looks like. While most are insects, pollinators can take different forms as well. Get outside and put your observation skills to the test. Get to know the flowers these pollinators are visiting as well and explore the connection between our pollinator friends and the plants they utilize.