Outdoor Learning Labs

The Outdoor Learning Labs are free to use and contain materials you need to provide your students with learning opportunities outside.

The Learning Labs will provide educators with the materials needed to facilitate outdoor learning with youth. Students will be able to investigate and learn about different elements outdoors. Some of the labs are purchased through outdoor education providers and some were created by staff. The labs range from an orienteering kit, to a variety of replica skulls, to a macroinvertebrate investigation kit, and more…

Who can use these?

These labs are intended for any educator providing learning opportunities for groups of youth. That could be a classroom teacher, youth group organizer, local non-profit, parks, or homeschool co-op.

Where can these be used?

Many of the labs can be used right in your schoolyard but there are so many parks and natural areas around us to be explored.

For OLL reservations or information, please contact Education Coordinator, Stacey Selcho at stacey-selcho@spokanecd.org or call 509-535-7274 EXT. 217

Click on the titles below to see exactly what’s included in each kit.