Manure Spreader (Livestock and Land)

Our Manure Spreader Rental Program is CLOSED until further notice!

Why Use a Compost/Manure Spreader?

Spreading composted manure on pastures can improve the health of your pasture and put livestock manure to good use. A spreader is a chore efficient way to distribute the material and provides an even application of nutrients. This helps prevent the smothering of grass plants and also reduces the potential for nutrient runoff into nearby streams.

The benefits of composted manure versus raw manure are superior. Raw manure contains pathogens and weed seeds that may negatively impact your animals, pasture, and nearby streams and lakes. To find out more about composting manure, check out our collection of Manure Management technical articles and how-to guides.


Equipment Capacity Dimensions Towing Requirements
Manure Spreader (ground driven)

37 ft3

11’3” X 46.5” 450 cc (ATV), 18 HP tractor, or pick-up truck
Hitch-pin assembly for spreader
Trailer (hauling)

21’ X 9’

2” ball hitch

* Do not drive manure spreader faster than 5 mph (limit).
* Landowners must sign agreement for rental of equipment.
* $200 damage/cleaning deposit due at checkout.
*Cost is $50 per weekday, $75 per weekend with pick up on Thursday and return Monday. Special rates available for those interested in week long rentals.

Availability May through September

The spreader is typically available from May 1 to the end of September, dependent upon weather conditions. Compost/manure should only be spread during the growing season and should be harrowed after being spread to break up clumping. The spreader will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for Spokane County Residents. Reservations are required. To make your reservation, call the Spokane Conservation District at 509-535-7274 or e-mail us at

Nutrient Consultation

The SCD strongly recommends a manure/nutrient consultation and a soil test for the land on which the spreader will be used. The SCD will provide soil tests for a discounted rate of $20/sample for those renting the manure spreader (contact the SCD for more information on soil testing programs). The information will help determine the proper composted manure application rates and calibration of the spreader.

Landowners with a current farm conservation plan or nutrient management may not need a manure and nutrient consultation. However, a follow-up review of the farm conservation plan is recommended.

All SCD Services and Programs are available without discrimination.