Helpful Smartscape Links

Helpful Smartscape Links

There are a number of great resources in our community to check out as help for your smart scape project.

The WSU Master Gardener Program is full of knowedgable individuals who are here to help you with your smart scape project. In addition, the WSU extension office in Spokane has classes and programs for you to learn about garden and yard maintenance, irrigation, and a variety of other yard care topics.

Spokane Smartscape encourages you to research plant material vendors according to your project needs. Spokane Smartscape does not endorse any particular vendor as there are many great resources in our region. A good starting place is any one of the following nurseries who have staff that are knowledgeable about low water landscape design and drought tolerant plants. Regardless of the nursery you choose, make sure to explain the goals of your project to maximize your landscaping and water efficiency.

The City of Spokane and Spokane County have started a program this year to help individuals get rebates for smarter water use. Their program has a varitey of water saving rebates for both indoor and outdoor water savings. Check out these links for more information:

The EPA has a greenscapes program for projects and landowners of all types to reduce waste and pollution. Check it out  here.

Do you live in Pullman?? If so, then check out their Pullman Conserves program!