Native Plants

Native plants are plants that can be found naturally in our region. These plants thrive in our regions soil, climate, and elevation. Because of this adaptation to our environment, they usually require less maintenance than ornamental plants. They require less water typically than ornamental plants and traditional turf lawns, as well as less fertilizer and pesticides. They have adapted over a long period of time to grow along with the native insects, plant diseases, wildlife, fungi and other native plants. Native plants have evolved the ability to attract native animals, such as pollinating and see-dispersing insects and birds, as well as the ability to repel or survive native organisms that harm them. As a result, native plants attract a wider variety of native animals than do exotic plants.

  • Adapt to our soils and climate
  • Attract birds and butterflies
  • Offer food and shelter for many species all year long
  • Require less care and watering when established
  • Thrive with less fertilizer and disease control
  • Provide carefree beauty
  • Solve landscape problems that many non-natives can’t
  • Make it easy to be successful in the home landscape
  • Are rewarding for you and your landscape critters