Repair or Replace Your Septic

The SCD’s On-Site Septic System (OSS) Program is designed to provide financial assistance to property owners in the form of loans and grants. Property owners could be eligible for either or a combination of both. The funding is available for property owners with existing septic systems that are either failing or in need of repair. These septic system projects need to be located outside of any planned sewer connection areas and provide a benefit to the ground and/or surface water quality.
1. Verification of the failing septic system: Property owners must first have verification that their septic system is either failing or in need of repair. They must contact a local septic professional or Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) Staff at (509) 324-1464. A septic professional must confirm the problem and provide documentation to either the property owner, SRHD staff or to the SCD.
2. Verification that no planned sewer is available: SCD staff will verify that there are no nearby sewer mains for connection of residence and that there is no planned sewer for the area.
3. Submit the completed and signed loan application, with two months most recent pay stubs, and verification of any additional income you’d like considered. 
4. See the Checklist and Guidelines at right for the complete process.