Septic Repair Checklist

1.     Verification/documentation of failing system by septic professional
2.     Verification of no potential sewer connection by SCD
3.     Submit assistance application with required documentation to SCD
4.     Obtain three (3) contractor bids. Contract/hire licensed and bonded septic designer/installer
5.     Develop loan/grant contract with SCD
6.     Provide SCD letter of credit to selected contractor
7.     Initial site visit by contractor and SCD staff
8.     Complete designs for replacement/repair. Submit final designs to Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) and SCD
9.     Apply for required permits through SRHD
10.   SRHD staff visit to project site to approve designs
11.   Project implementation
12.   SRHD inspection and verification of completed project
13.   Final project payment from SCD to contractor
14. SCD loan repayment schedule payments (if required)